” Your excellent instruction and the patience you had shown, provided me with the skill and confidence to see me through.”

This student passed the BC51

“This class was truly enjoyable, informative and professional. Sandy was extremely helpful and patient with all his students.


” Excellent use of real-world scenarios and stories to reinforce information.”


” Sandy was a great instructor. He made sure we were all well prepared and informed to be responsible gun owners.”


” Good balance between being informative and also focused on the needs of the beginner. Sandy was very knowledgeable, I’d recommend this class to anyone who is interested in doing the CRFSC.”


” Well informative course and very important knowledge learned. Sandy was very experienced.”

Steven AR.

” I learned a lot from this course, it was good knowledge. Sandy did a very good job teaching the class.”

Henry L

” Well done on the whole course. It was fun and very rewarding.”